Technology and the Future of Small Business

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Technology and the Future of

Small Business

Special Research Project

Dr. Mitzi Collins


EVERY BUSINESS (both product and service-based) WILL BE IMPACTED!



This phenomenal research project offers small business owners and managers a unique opportunity to participate in and make a difference in the future of all small businesses. The project involves the collection of vital data from over 1000 small businesses. The specially designed and specific data collection will determine how small businesses have already been affected by technology, and more importantly, how they plan to endure the enhanced technologies of the future. Essential information and valuable suggestions from prominent technology experts will be included in the study. This massive project aims to provide critical answers, beneficial resources, and significant support, which can enable small businesses to expand and thrive through the inevitable and substantial technological advances of the future. Ensure your business’s continued expansion and success.  

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Technology and the Future of Small Business